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13 Apr 2016

Japan plans to introduce fingerprint currency for tourists

Coming summer Japan is set to introduce fingerprint currency. With this new innovation, tourists visiting Japan won't need to change their money up. After having their identity verified, visitors will then be able to buy things from shops with a flash of their finger when their card details have been processed.

It is also hoped the system could replace the need to present a passport when checking in at hotels

The Japanese government are introducing the project in bid to encourage visitors from abroad in the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Cristiano Ronaldo sets two new records

Real Madrid faced an uphill task to qualify for the last four of the Champions League after falling to Wolfsburg 2-0 in the first leg of the tie and they were up to the task. Ronaldo opened scoring in the 15th minute to put the Spanish side ahead, he doubled the lead in the 17th minute to give Madrid a comfortable lead. The star man capped off a memorable night with his third of the evening when he whipped in a superb freekick in the 77th minute.

18 Jul 2014

New study claims rising early could make you less honest

New US study claims those who go to bed late and wake up early become less honest as the day goes on and are likely to cheat in the evening.

Researcher Sunita Sah, of Georgetown University, said: ‘They cast doubt on the stereotype that evening people are somehow dissolute.’

The researchers from John Hopkins, Washington and Georgetown universitys put 200 students through tests and games designed to measure their honesty. They also asked them questions to work out whether they were a lark or an owl.

FIFA obstruct Ghana Government’s World Cup Probe

Few weeks after FIFA banned the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, sacking the entire Football Association, the world soccer governing body is now threatening to replicate the sanctions on Ghana.

This follows the Ghana government’s establishment of a Commission to inquire into events leading to the abysmal performance of the senior national team, the Black Stars as well as backroom events that put the country in the line of international ridicule.

FIFA lifts ban on Nigeria Football Federation

FIFA has lifted the ban placed on Nigerian Football Federation, NFF, on July 9th after a high court sitting in Jos sacked the President of the Nigerian Football Federation, NFF, Aminu Maigari and other board members. FIFA had frowned at the court ruling, stating that the move was a government interference in football activities which is against its policy. FIFA then directed that a new court order reinstating Maigari and other NFF executives be obtained before it can lift the ban.

Update: The shooting down of Flight MH17 with 295 people onboard

Flight MH17, a Boeing 777-200 aircraft on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, with 295 people onboard, exploded into flames at 33,000ft as it was hit by a sophisticated surface-to-air missile over territory near Donetsk held by pro-Russian rebels.

UK Daily Mail reports; Russian President Vladimir has blamed Ukraine for the Malaysian Airlines tragedy that claimed the lives of all 298 people on board, including around 100 children - but didn't deny Russian-backed separatists were to blame for shooting it out of the sky.

15 Jul 2014

Church of England votes to allow women bishops

Church of England, the largest church of Anglican Communion, after a vote in New York, yesterday voted to allow women Bishop.

The law was passed at the church's General Synod to scrap the ban after a plea from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

14 Jul 2014

LG shows of the transparent screen, and you can roll it up

It's no longer a curved TV, but a rollable TV which can be rolled up to a radius of 3cm without affecting the function of the display. The portable TV is also transperent when not in use.

LG showed off a working 18inch version of its rollable TVs and says a 60 inch screen could go on sale in 2017.

Leak: The 'undestructable' Apple's iPhone 6 screen

Marques Brownlee, a YouTube video maker claims to have gotten hold of one what appeared to be the screen of the Apple’s iPhone 6 made from sapphire crystal, and has subjected it to a variety of extreme stress test, from stabbing it with a knife and keys to bending and twisting it.

In the video, after subjecting it to a variety of extreme stress test, the screen emerges totally unscathed, raising hopes is could lead to a far more resilient handset from Apple.

The looks of victory: Germany celebrate World Cup triumph over Argentina

Germany's Mario Götze scored the winning goal as his team beat Argentina 1-0 in the 2014 World cup final.

Midfielder Götze, 22, came on as a substitute to net the winner, controlling the ball with his chest before volleying it into the Argentine goal, making the Germans the first European team to win the title in South America.

13 Jul 2014

Dubai to build 'The world's first temperature-controlled Pedestrian city', with indoor theme park, 100 hotels and apartments

Dubai, the home to the tallest tower in the world is set to brake another record soon. Its next project involves building the largest shopping mall on earth, complete with five miles climate-controlled streets, the world's largest indoor theme park and 100 hotels and apartments.

The emirate has dubbed the project a 'temperature-controlled pedestrian city'.

10 Jul 2014

Breakthrough: Molecule which causes quick spread of breast cancer identified

Finally, there is a breakthrough. Scientists have identified the molecule which causes cancerous cells to grow and spread faster, making them hard to treat.

As a result of the findings, new treatment to stop the spread of breast cancer will commence. Scientists are confident they can use an existing drug to stop the cancer. The discovery offers hope for women diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer, which tends to spread far more quickly than other types.

FIFA suspends Nigeria Football Federation

FIFA, The world football governing body suspended the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, with immediate effect from all activities in football. The announcement was made in a statement released on FIFA website today, 9th July.

The suspension was on account of government interference in football activities, particularly as a result of a court order preventing the president of the NFF, the NFF Executive Committee members and the NFF Congress from running the affairs of Nigerian football was granted by a High Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A High Court sitting in Jos had on July 4th sacked Aminu Maigari and other executives from the board of the NFF.

4 Jul 2014

LumiDecoNail: Smart fingernails that light up when you receive a call

Ladies, there is a new fashion in vogue.

From smartphone to smartwatches, glasses and electronic t-shirts and now smart nails. Cool!

Takara Tomy, Tokyo toy company has released a “smart nails” that lights up when you receive a call.

The £7; $12 'LumiDecoNail' uses a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC), in which small amounts of power are transferred very short distances, to communicate with a smartphone.

US scientists: looks affect your risk of illness

Looking pretty/handsome is not just a good business, but now a technique to fight illness, claims US scientists.

The research claims attractive people are less likely to get tinnitus, asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The more physically attractive men and women are rated, the more unlikely they are to suffer from a wide range of health problems, from high cholesterol to depression. They also feel healthier, have less time off work and are diagnosed with fewer physical and mental health conditions during their lifetime. 

These extraordinary findings by U.S. researchers are based on a study of 15,000 men and women aged 24 to 35 who have been followed since they were ten. It’s the biggest study yet to find links between attractiveness and good health, and the first to home in on a number of individual diseases.

2 Jul 2014

Egyptian military claims to have invented cure for AIDS, hepatitis and other viruses

The miraculous gun like devise doesn’t need a blood sample and is believed to detect and cure AIDS and Hepatitis.

The head of the army’s Engineering Agency said “the military had produced an 'astonishing, miraculous scientific invention' that could detect AIDS, hepatitis and other viruses without taking blood samples and also purify the blood of those suffering from the diseases.”

Hotels in Abuja to submit list of guests to DSS police daily

Following recent attacks by Boko Haram men on the nation's capital, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed issued a statement directing all hotels in Abuja to henceforth submit the list of guests in their hotels on a daily basis to the FCT Directorate of Department of State Security as well as the FCT Police command. 

The statement which was signed by the Minister's special assistant, Media, Nosike Ogbuenyi, advised residents of Abuja to embark on operation 'know your neighbor' campaign for early identification of strange faces within their neighborhood.

Press Release: Uchenna Udekwe Blog

Uchenna Udekwe unveils the newly redesigned Blog “Ucheude.blogspot.com”

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Super Eagle coach and team captain quit team

After failure to qualify for the 2014 world cup quarter final, Super Eagle coach (Nigeria) Stephen Keshi and team captine, Joseph Yobo quit the team.

Keshi said, "I have to go back to my family and face fresh challenges,”.

29 Jun 2014

The hidden sugar in your food. Cut total sugar intake to 5 teaspoon each a day

Too much sugar in the diet is known to be one of the primary reasons for the obesity epidemic and rising rates of Type 2 diabetes.

Health officials are urging people to halve their sugar intake to as little as five teaspoons a day to prevent obesity levels continuing to soar.

Guidelines from scientists advising Public Health England, the agency given the job of tackling obesity, stated that women should have no more than five to six teaspoons of sugar a day, and men seven to eight

A 330ml can of fizzy drink contains around seven teaspoonfuls, so would meet this limit on its own.

Google Domains: Google want to start selling domain names

Google, one of the leading brand across the globe, a major player in search, online mapping, social networking and other key functions of the Web. Now it wants to sell domain names, too.

Google announced the launch of an invite-only service, Google Domains, to help small businesses find, register and manage their Web addresses. The service is currently in beta testing with a small number of users.

Extreme piercing: Body artist creates 36mm hole in his cheeks

Joel Miggler, 23, from Küssaberg, Germany has taken piercing to a whole new level after creating huge 36mm hole into the side of his cheeks. But plans to eventually stretch them to 40mm.

Joel began modifying his body at the tender age of 13. Since then, he has spent over £4,000 altering his body to a grand total of 27 different piercings, as well as six tattoos, an implant and has even had his buttock branded.

Joel insists his look has not affected his life. He has been dating an artist and body piercer for over six months and when eating he simply takes smaller bites instead.

Facebook's launched new gender options in the UK

Only male and female options were available on the gender tab in profiles, before the change. But now, Facebook users in the UK can now choose from one of 70 gender options, including 'asexual', 'two-spirit', 'intersex' and 'cisgender.'

Facebook has also updated its settings so users can choose a neutral pronoun, meaning they are referred to as 'they, their or them'.

24 Jun 2014

Nutritionist warns: Don’t eat Suya without vegetables

I guess there is always a bit of hidden bitter in every sweet. I must confess, most times I eat my suya without the veg.

Lovers of grilled and barbecued beef and chicken popularly called suya in Nigeria, have been advised to always eat the delicacy with generous portions of the slices of onions, cabbage, tomatoes and other vegetables usually served along with the meat.

18 Jun 2014

PayPal expands payment services to Nigeria, 9 other countries

I get the expression on your face when denied Paypal Payment services, worry no more, Payment has now been made easier.

PayPal, on Monday revealed plans to extend their payment service to Nigeria and 9 other new countries, providing online payment alternatives for consumers via mobile phones or PCs.

In an interview on Monday, Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge of the EMEA region of PayPal, the payments unit of eBay Inc, said the expansion would bring the number of countries it serves to 203.